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Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Strange write up of an IT Guy"

I had been hearing about Sukumara Kurup from the time my brain captures the real life and makes me understand what it is.He is one of the notorious wanted criminal in the Indian state of Kerala. He is accused in the murder of Chacko, a film representative, in the year 1984. Chacko was strangled to death and his body burnt inside a car. Sukumara Kurup allegedly committed the crime to fake his own death and claim an insurance amount of Indian Rupee ₹800,000 (US$17,760) by killing Chacko who bore a resemblance with him. Soon after Sukumara Kurup is supposed to have fled abroad, while two of his co-accused were sentenced to life-term imprisonment. The Chacko murder case is one of the long standing cases in the judicial history of Kerala.
                                                      Now lets come to the topic
            I am a man with multiple personality disorder when i hear about this case my brain comes to an investigative mood and i am just searching the internet for getting details about the one "SUKUMARA KURUP" and when i searched for it i got a "video"  which was the latest release about the investigation I noticed that Sukumara kurup burnt Chako in an Ambassador car with the number "KLQ-7831". But when I searched the details of this number in MVDKerala Website I am totally confused because i have seen this


Plz answer only after checking the video plz take your own time

 So my question are

Was the vehicle stolen or the tv show lied the details of the vehicle and at last not the least who is the real owner of the vehicle?


What the hell is this MVD Kerala IT department doing?????
Think about it and find out the answer

Wheather to VOTE or NOT for continuing this unchangeable government systems.

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