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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Here we are bringing all your attention to Mullaperiyar Dam which threatens the lives of 3.5 million civilians spread across 4 districts of Kerala. Mullaperiyar is constructed over the headwaters of the Periyar River in 1887 -1895 (yes, a dam which is in use for 116 years), upon a lease indenture for 999 years. The dam was built of Surkhi Mortar, and the engineers had given it a life period of 50 years but now it’s the 116th year. Mullaperiyar Dam site lie in seismic zone-III as per the seismic zoning map of India. This area is close to a large number of major faults in this region, some of which are active and others having the potential to become active. Earthquakes of intensities around 5.0 in Richter scale were occurred in this region in the recent past. There have been 22 small earthquakes since January 2011, and within a span of 2 days, two tremors of mild intensity on 5/11/10 and 6/11/2010 occurred in the 50KM range of Mullaperiyar Dam. Even though, these earthquakes are minor in nature, these are seen as indication of the increased seismicity of the region surrounding Mullaperiyar Dam, which was once thought completely dormant. As per some experts’ reports, the dam can survive a maximum period of 5 more years (if no more seismic activities by God’s grace). But any kind of seismic activity with an intensity of more than 5.0 in Richter scale will end up in direct collapse of the dam, which will release a water bomb with 445 million cubic meter with a capacity to destroy everything on its way to the much bigger Idukki Dam with 2000 million cubic metres. As obvious, the Idukki Dam also will collapse and water will flood towards the Arabian Sea and everything on its way (4 districts – Idukki, Pathanamthitta, Aleppey and Ernakulam, with a total population of 3.5 million people) will be destroyed within an hour time..... The only way out is a new dam, but it is caught in the politics between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu was successful in arm twisting Kerala using its political power in centre and in the legal battle in Supreme Court. As per reports, Mullaperiyar is the second most dangerous and oldest reservoir in the world behind the Mosul Dam (Iraq)... Now the recent developments are making the people more panic; we the common people are embarrassed by the ignorance from the political field and the media. None other than the common public is even talking about this.... we are trying to raise this through protests and making more awareness; but no political parties or media is bothered about 3.5 million lives. We are bringing your attention to this one....... more details facts and pictures will be added down..................... For 3.5 million people who are running out of time and find no hope to live............... Since our government and other political parties has no time to attend this matter, and will settle with any simple stupid reason to avoid this issue, we, people from Kerala left no choice but to be in action, so we will do whatever we can, to get much importance in this issue, to save our lives, to save Kerala,……… there is no time to waste its already late !



  1. if we waits one can shoot absolutly worlds best live documentry of something worst thing ever going to happen. the dam is going to burst any time because of the nature of the dam site.more than 100 earthquakes from 2000.ranging upto 5.the site is seismic zone-III .shift of water , Permeability,sedimentation and gravity for 160 years causing severe geological and site problems affecting slope stability .a crack found about 15 feet.get down here to fix the goddamn biggest disaster in the nation's history. PEOPLE WORK TOGETHER ONLY AFTER A DISASTER.ready to die for water or it will make you!.